The fundamental objectives of the VC are contributing to the welfare and safety of civil aviation as well as ensuring and pursuing the interests of its members regarding technical affairs and industrial affairs.

Among other things, we achieve this by influencing legislation, concluding collective wage agreements, participating in decision-making for the composition of salary terms and other conditions of employment, informing the public about the professional, sociopolitical and economic situation of cockpit crews.

In addition to that more than 130 honorary members are involved with the establishment and provision of extensive professional expertise within the VC in line with various committees, which meet at regular intervals, to ensure the exchange of information and to deal with current topics, e.g. the SafeSKY Initiative.

VC is a member of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and the International Federation of Airline Pilots (IFALPA).


13. Aug No further talks between VC and Lufthansa

After exhaustive discussions between Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) and Lufthansa, which at first seemed to be fruitful, VC is now forced to realize that there is no virtue in continuing these discussions.VC is willing to do its part to maintain the competitiveness of the Lufthansa Group. However, if...  Details

09. Jun Fourth "Etihad Airways Partner Pilots" Meeting

On 19th May 2016 SwissALPA hosted the "EAPP Meeting" in Zürich. It was attended by the professional associations representing the pilots of Etihad Airways Partner airlines in Europe and the European Cockpit Association (ECA). The main goal of this initiative is to strive for uniform...  Details

01. Feb Etihad Airways Partner Pilots Meeting in Rome

On January 25th the third EAPP meeting was held in Rome, hosted by ANPAC, with the participation of European professional pilots' associations of Etihad Airways Partners.During the meeting several arguments of common interest were discussed with a broad exchange of information about industrial,...  Details

09. Oct Etihad Airways Partner Pilots Meeting

For the second meeting of the Etihad Airways Partner Pilots representatives of the responsible associations met in Vienna on October 6th. The now regular meeting is popular amongst its participants and has a great potential for a highly productive exchange of information.  Details

15. Sep VC’s strike actions and the courts’ interim injunction

At the beginning of September 2015, the board of Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) formally declared negotiations for a new collective labour agreement (CLA) regarding transitional pension schemes to had failed resulting in industrial action. The first strike action on Tuesday, 8th of September 2015 was...  Details

07. Sep VC calls for strike measures at Lufthansa

This morning Vereinigung Cockpit (VC, German ALPA) has called for strike measures on Tuesday, 8th of September 2015 from 08.00lt until 23.59 lt. It will affect all departures with Lufthansa from Germany with Airbus A380, A330 / 340 and Boeing B747. Furthermore, all departures of Lufthansa Cargo from Germany will be affected.

At the end of July, VC made an offer for an alliance for employment and growth. This offer included vast concessions on a variety of issues, worth over 500 mill. €. However, Lufthansa rejected this offer at the beginning of September. During the past weekend Lufthansa submitted a proposal....  Details

ECA Cockpit News

Wednesday, 20. July 2016 16:24

Injunction Against Pilot Strike: Fundamental Right in Danger

The European Pilots in Europe regret Air Malta’s attempt to breach a fundamental right that is recognized by the EU and the Council of Europe. Air Malta has decided to launch a court application for an injunction to ban the Pilots’ Association recourse to industrial action after a long period of unsuccessful negotiations over working conditions. ECA trusts that Malta’s judicial system will guarantee the fundamental rights and freedoms of trade unions in line with the country’s obligations under national and international law. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 13:16

Do "four eyes" make it better?

In the aftermath of the Germanwings tragedy last year EASA strongly recommended to European airlines to implement a rule to have “four eyes” in the cockpit during all phases of flight. While regularly two pilots are at the controls of the aircraft during the whole flight, it is obvious that – especially during longer flights – one of the pilots might have to leave the flight deck once in a while. For these short periods EASA recommends to have a flight attendant in the cockpit to “observe” the remaining pilot. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 10:34

US Department of Transportation rejects Norwegian’s fast-track application for transatlantic routes

New development around Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) and one of its many European subsidiaries: this time Norwegian Air UK’s (NAUK) is in the spotlight after the US Department of Transportation (DoT) rejected its foreign air carrier permit exemption application. This decision is of major significance because it echoes ECA and US pilots’ concerns about Norwegian using shell subsidiaries, such as Norwegian Air International (NAI) and Norwegian Air UK (NAUK), to operate under a “Flag of Convenience” and undermine labour and social standards. read more


Thursday, 03. December 2015 14:45

IFALPA Monthly Update - December 2015

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Thursday, 03. December 2015 14:41

IFALPA Monthly Update - October 2015

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Thursday, 03. December 2015 14:40

IFALPA Monthly Update - September 2015

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