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RPG Safety Update

Is safety an appropriate matter of concern for the RPG?

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Pilots' vision on weather

There is a paradox. Few factors affect air operations as much as weather. It can also impact negatively the safe conduct of flights. But the meteorological information available to pilots before and during their flight has not dramatically changed over the last two decades. And this despite the advent of the information society and the requirements for the upcoming Single European sky.

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ECA Cockpit News - monatlicher Newsletter

Tuesday, 20. September 2016 11:51

Cockpit News September 2016

month:  September year:  2016 Mailchimp url: stories:  Drones must be safe – says aviation industry easyJet 2.0 – Fatigue taking over easyJet pilots Tax investigations: Important notice to Ryanair pilots Why not ask Ryanair?

Tuesday, 20. September 2016 11:47

Cockpit News July 2016

month:  July year:  2016 Mailchimp url: stories:  Do "four eyes" make it better? Gulf, we have a problem Pilots helping pilots US Department of Transportation rejects Norwegian’s fast-track application for transatlantic routes

Tuesday, 20. September 2016 11:45

Cockpit News special on Drones June 2016

month:  June year:  2016 Mailchimp url: stories:  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems – ‘Drones’

Tuesday, 20. September 2016 11:43

Cockpit News May 2016

month:  May year:  2016 Mailchimp url: stories:  ECA joining EU Parliament discussion on drones Good bye, jobs! Runway Surface Conditions Assessment & Reporting The end of the 2-persons-in-cockpit rule in sight Track me if you can

Friday, 16. September 2016 09:37

Etihad Partners Pilots meet in Brussels to discuss the future of the network

Etihad Airways Partners Pilot Group (EAPP) continues to take stock of the developments at the airlines and is looking forward to intensify cooperation with the airlines. At the latest meeting, hosted by the European Cockpit Association, the pilot group focused in particular on the ongoing processes in Air Berlin and Alitalia, the restructuring of regional fleets, the potential growth of the long haul sector and the growth of other Etihad partners such as Air Serbia. read more

Monday, 12. September 2016 11:46

Why not ask Ryanair?

Imagine the following situation: it is your day off and you’re enjoying a sunny afternoon at home with your family, when the doorbell rings. Two police officers hand you a search warrant and ask for your permission to enter the house. They start questioning you about your employment status and about your relation to Ryanair. You answer that this is the airline you fly for, the airline whose uniform you wear, and from where the instructions come when and where to fly. read more

Monday, 12. September 2016 10:20

Tax investigations: Important notice to Ryanair pilots

Homes of Ryanair pilots and bases of the airline were raided in July by German tax authorities and prosecutors, as part of an ongoing investigation into two UK-based contract personnel agencies - Brookfield Aviation and McGinley Aviation. Both agencies supply “self-employed” pilots for Ryanair. While this model may (or may not) be legal in Ireland, it is largely considered by authorities in Germany as being potentially bogus self-employment. read more

Monday, 12. September 2016 10:07

easyJet 2.0 – Fatigue taking over easyJet pilots

As holiday makers are boarding their flights back home, behind the scenes of one of Europe’s largest low cost airlines tension between management and pilots is building up. The multiple strikes of easyJet’s pilots stationed at Schiphol Airport have brought to the surface some of the issues that are piling up in the company. But the conflict goes wider and deeper. The relationship between management and pilots is at a historic low, says the easyJet Pilot Group (ePG), representing flight crew from all bases of the airline across Europe. read more

Monday, 05. September 2016 09:34

7 steps for safe drone integration

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Monday, 05. September 2016 00:00

Joint call to safely integrate Drones / UAS into Europe’s Airspace

The Signatories of the Statement want to support the effort of the European regulator to produce a robust harmonized EU-wide regulatory safety framework for drones. At the same time, in this Joint Statement, the sector parties A4E, ACI EUROPE, ATCEUC, CANSO, EBAA, ECA, EHA, EHAC, ERAA, ETF, IACA, IAOPA, IATA, IFALPA, IFATCA, and IFATSEA express their serious concern about the safety of manned aircraft in controlled and uncontrolled airspace. [download pdf] read more