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RPG Safety Update

Is safety an appropriate matter of concern for the RPG?

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Pilots' vision on weather

There is a paradox. Few factors affect air operations as much as weather. It can also impact negatively the safe conduct of flights. But the meteorological information available to pilots before and during their flight has not dramatically changed over the last two decades. And this despite the advent of the information society and the requirements for the upcoming Single European sky.

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ECA Cockpit News - monatlicher Newsletter

Wednesday, 20. July 2016 16:24

Injunction Against Pilot Strike: Fundamental Right in Danger

The European Pilots in Europe regret Air Malta’s attempt to breach a fundamental right that is recognized by the EU and the Council of Europe. Air Malta has decided to launch a court application for an injunction to ban the Pilots’ Association recourse to industrial action after a long period of unsuccessful negotiations over working conditions. ECA trusts that Malta’s judicial system will guarantee the fundamental rights and freedoms of trade unions in line with the country’s obligations under national and international law. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 13:16

Do "four eyes" make it better?

In the aftermath of the Germanwings tragedy last year EASA strongly recommended to European airlines to implement a rule to have “four eyes” in the cockpit during all phases of flight. While regularly two pilots are at the controls of the aircraft during the whole flight, it is obvious that – especially during longer flights – one of the pilots might have to leave the flight deck once in a while. For these short periods EASA recommends to have a flight attendant in the cockpit to “observe” the remaining pilot. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 10:34

US Department of Transportation rejects Norwegian’s fast-track application for transatlantic routes

New development around Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) and one of its many European subsidiaries: this time Norwegian Air UK’s (NAUK) is in the spotlight after the US Department of Transportation (DoT) rejected its foreign air carrier permit exemption application. This decision is of major significance because it echoes ECA and US pilots’ concerns about Norwegian using shell subsidiaries, such as Norwegian Air International (NAI) and Norwegian Air UK (NAUK), to operate under a “Flag of Convenience” and undermine labour and social standards. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 10:32

Gulf, we have a problem

The rise of the heavily state-sponsored Gulf airlines had led to a significant market distortion and increasing job losses in Europe. And there is more to come. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 10:28

EU reaches out to Gulf, Turkey, ASEAN

In June 2016, EU Transport Ministers gave green light to the European Commission to start negotiating on their behalf comprehensive air transport agreements with the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)*, Turkey, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The move is part of the EU Aviation Strategy published in December last year. Such agreements, now done on a bilateral EU-wide basis, will create a framework for where and how often foreign airlines could fly into the European Union, and vice versa. read more

Friday, 01. July 2016 10:15

Pilots helping pilots

The Germanwings tragedy placed the issues of pilot mental health and the possible substance abuse that could be accompanying mental health problems in the spotlight. While such abuses are exceedingly rare, the aviation community felt the need to take a closer look at how we could – as a safety critical industry – deal with mental issues and potential substance abuse better. The answer is: Peer Support Programmes (PSPs). read more

Wednesday, 29. June 2016 11:39

ECA reaction to Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack

“Dear friends in Turkey, read more

Monday, 06. June 2016 11:49

'Europeans for Fair Competition' Urges the European Commission to enact the Aviation Package

Luxembourg, 6 June 2016 -- Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) is a coalition of concerned Europeans who have unified across EU member nation boundaries and labor-management lines with the goal of establishing a level playing field with countries that subsidise their airlines in violation of European air service agreements, notably the United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar. read more

Tuesday, 31. May 2016 14:29

Cockpit News April/May 2016

month:  April year:  2016 Mailchimp url: stories:  ECA joining EU Parliament discussion on drones Good bye, jobs! Runway Surface Conditions Assessment & Reporting The end of the 2-persons-in-cockpit rule in sight Track me if you can

Tuesday, 31. May 2016 09:38

The end of the 2-persons-in-cockpit rule in sight

The 2-persons-in-the-cockpit rule, introduced by many European airlines after the Germanwings crash and based on a Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) issued by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), raised a lot of scepticism. This initial doubt about its effectiveness as a “security” measure quickly evolved to a widely shared criticism by pilots and airlines alike. read more