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RPG Safety Update

Is safety an appropriate matter of concern for the RPG?

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Pilots' vision on weather

There is a paradox. Few factors affect air operations as much as weather. It can also impact negatively the safe conduct of flights. But the meteorological information available to pilots before and during their flight has not dramatically changed over the last two decades. And this despite the advent of the information society and the requirements for the upcoming Single European sky.

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ECA Cockpit News - monatlicher Newsletter

Wednesday, 04. May 2016 08:00

European Pilots Join Coalition for Fair Competition in Aviation

The European Cockpit Association (ECA), representing over 38.000 European pilots, is announcing its support for “Europeans for Fair Competition” (E4FC), a coalition, dedicated to restoring a level playing field for European aviation vis-à-vis state-sponsored Gulf carriers. read more

Friday, 22. April 2016 12:32

Runway Surface Conditions Assessment & Reporting

Today’s situation Over a 10-year period, the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has received 30 reports of accidents and incidents related to operations on contaminated and slippery runways. Nine of these reports concerned accidents and serious incidents. In the same period AIBN has published 12 investigation reports and issued 36 safety recommendations. ECA’s concerns concur with the AIBN report “Winter operations, Friction Measurements and conditions for friction predictions”, issued in May 2011. read more

Tuesday, 19. April 2016 09:38

US Department of Transportation and European Commission pave the way for “Flags of Convenience” in Aviation

With its decision to tentatively approve traffic rights for “Norwegian Air International” (NAI) the US Department of Transportation (DoT), together with the European Commission (EC) have opened the door and de facto laid out the welcome mat for “Flags of Convenience” in aviation. The US regulator’s decision has been pending for two years amid greater scrutiny on Norwegian’s employment practices and business model. read more

Monday, 18. April 2016 10:43

IFALPA and ECA strongly condemn publication of CVR transcript in an ongoing investigation interim statement

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) and the European Cockpit Association (ECA) strongly condemn and regret the publication by the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (SHK) of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) preliminary transcript recorded during the last 1min 15sec of the West Atlantic AB CRJ-200, ¨Air Sweden 294¨ accident, which occurred on 8th January 2016. read more

Friday, 08. April 2016 15:30

In the spotlight: The Norwegian’s Irish Games

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Friday, 08. April 2016 12:01

“Humans are the most valuable part of the aviation chain” – Portrait of Paul Reuter Pilot

This article was published as part of ECA`s #ReportingMatters campaign, in which we interviewed seven experienced pilots and accident investigators (known as ECA Just Culture Ambassadors) about Just Culture, safety & reporting matters in the aviation and beyond. by VG (ECA) read more

Thursday, 07. April 2016 13:15

European Pilots Reach Out to European Parliament Members

‘Your agenda is our agenda’stood as the slogan of this year’s ECA’s ‘Welcome on Board’ cocktail reception held at the European Parliament. Following last year’s success, the high-level event received nearly a hundred people offering an excellent opportunity for active pilots and Members of the European Parliament to engage and gain an even better understanding of the vital issues of today’s aviation.  read more

Thursday, 07. April 2016 13:01

Norwegian’s Irish Games

Election periods are always an appealing opportunity to draw the public’s and the media’s attention to issues that need that little extra push. It wasn’t any different in Ireland either, where they closed the polls just recently. And it is there where Norwegian Air International (NAI) – the Irish subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle – couldn’t resist to give that push: they tried to spread the message of an allegedly ‘unfair’ treatment received by the non-granting of transatlantic traffic rights from Cork to Boston. read more

Friday, 01. April 2016 13:13

Air Safety: See when the Iceberg is Approaching

This article was published as part of ECA`s #ReportingMatters campaign, in which we asked seven experienced pilots and accident investigators (referred to as ECA Just Culture Ambassadors) to write about Just Culture, safety & reporting matters in the aviation industry and beyond.   by Johan Glantz  read more

Tuesday, 29. March 2016 11:00

"Welcome on Board' - 2nd ECA Reception @European Parliament