Dear Members,

In two weeks, the most important VC event of the year is coming up, the General Meeting. Since an association like ours can only be as strong as its members, a high participation is a signal that we will all continue to fight for our interests together.

Therefore, on behalf of the entire VC Board, I would like to invite all of you to participate in the Meeting on May 20th. Due to Covid-19, the event will again take place as an online meeting, so the time required is manageable. You have already received the invitations.

The newly elected VC board will be announced at the General Meeting. The election will run until May 19, and we are looking forward to a lively participation.

By the way: Due of the General Meeting, instead of the usual biweekly publication, the next Waypoints will be published in four weeks.

Janis Schmitt
Board Member Press & PR

TUIfly and LAT introduced into the ECA Hall of Shame

Some time ago, ECA has started showing airlines in its virtual 'Hall of Shame' in order to draw attention to their particularly bad and antisocial employment practices. Now TUIfly and LAT have also made it into the ranks of employers particularly worthy of criticism with their obvious and offensive wage evasion. They have joined airlines like WizzAir and Ryanair.

In some companies, employees are apparently only seen as cost factors and human capital. We cannot and will not tolerate such a ruthless treatment of staff. This is one of the reasons why VC has worked with ECA in the cases of TUIfly and LAT to be included in the

ECA Hall of Shame

TF Profession: Non Aviation Job Offers

VC's Task Force Profession collects information on job opportunities outside the aviation industry in the members' section of our website under "Non Aviation Jobs": To the members' section (in German).

In this context "Ruthardt Consulting" presents itself in a guest article. The company offers jobs such as business consultants and project managers in the IT sector: To the Guest Article by Ruthardt Consulting (in German).

WG DAS: Flyer "Unfit to Fly"

The flyer "Unfit to Fly" (in German) of the WG DAS (Diversity and Social) comprises the most important points in case of permanent unfitness to fly caused by prolonged or permanent illness.

Politics signal Support for Recognition of Pilot's Profession

We are noticing increasing support for the official recognition of the profession of Airline Transport Pilot on the political stage. Since the lack of recognition has become a problem for many, especially when dealing with government agencies and official bodies, we have stepped up our activities in this area considerably over the past year. Ministries and political actors from various parties have signalled their support. Therefore, we hope to reach this important milestone for all of us in the foreseeable future.

The head of our Capital Representative Office, Bastian Roet, was recently able to explain in detail the paradoxical situation that government officials sometimes treat us like unskilled workers during the political dialog of the United Leaders Association (ULA) with Uwe Schummer, chairman of the employee group of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag. Schummer immediately indicated his political support for our project. Arno Klare, SPD member of the Bundestag and member of the transport committee, has also signalled on another occasion that he wants to support the recognition of our profession.

We are grateful for the parliamentary support and hope that the formal procedure expected in the summer will be successful. We will keep on working hard to overcome political and bureaucratic hurdles and we are hoping that the current tailwind will lead to a success in this project.

E4FC calls for a new EU Aviation Strategy ensuring fair Competition

Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) has launched its Manifesto highlighting the key policy priorities for a future-proof EU aviation industry. With the Manifesto, which was presented during a webinar with distinguished policy-makers, E4FC aims to contribute to a new EU Aviation Strategy ensuring fair competition that safeguards European aviation and its jobs, and sustains connectivity for European citizens.  

VC President Markus Wahl: "As a member of E4FC, Vereinigung Cockpit supports the goals of the declaration. Our common objective is fair competition that protects the European aviation industry and its jobs while maintaining connectivity for European citizens."

E4FC outlines four key priorities of a future-proof EU aviation industry:

  • Pending air transport agreements to be postponed until there is more clarity on how international aviation is developing post-crisis. This would allow the European Commission and EU Member States to align the agreements to the new reality caused by COVID-19 and to the increased environmental ambition (European Green Deal).
  • Strict enforcement of ownership and control rules to ensure the proper functioning of the EU’s internal market.
  • EU legislation to provide airlines and their employees with a clear and consistent regulatory framework avoiding abuse of loopholes in EU social law and to contribute to a level playing field for all airlines and workers operating in the EU market.
  • Sustainability measures resulting from the European Green Deal to be designed in such a way that competitive disadvantages are avoided.

Self-Check: Current? Proficient? Confident?

Really good "flying skills" are rather fleeting skills. Pilots notice this after just a few weeks without flying.

Many of us have not had the opportunity to accumulate sufficient flying hours in recent months. Lots of colleagues have had or will have to acquire new type ratings due to fleet changes. In addition, in the current situation - also due to the conditions of short-time work - many found it difficult to keep in touch with the flying community.

All these circumstances clearly make it difficult to remain "current, proficient & confident". Captain Tanja Harter explains how this can still be achieved in an interview with ECA. Tanja is an expert in Training & Licensing, ECA Technical Affairs Director, IFALPA HUPER Committee Chair and on top of that - needless to say - she is a VC member!

To the Interview: Current & Confident: Flying again after the Pandemic

New Guidance for Runway Excursion Prevention

Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) has published a new guidance and best practices on the prevention of runway excursions. In total, it brings together more than 100 recommendations for stakeholders across the industry, as well as guidance and best practices for implementation.

The guidlines, best practices and explanatory material are included in an expanded version of the Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions (GAPPRE). It was coordinated by the FSF and Eurocontrol and produced with the help of more than 100 aviation experts from around the world.

The recommendations and annexes containing the guidance and explanatory material are divided into separate sections aimed at aircraft operators, aerodrome operators, air navigation service providers, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, States, international organizations and other industry stakeholders.

Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions

Are you aware of the COVID-19 safety Issues?

The pandemic has created a surprising number of new risks for everyday flight operations. EASA has now summarized these in an updated overview (issue 2), which contains more than 50 potential risks.

The list is relevant for basically all pilots, but of course especially for those returning to duty after a longer break. Newly identified safety issues are marked with "NEW" in the update, so it is worth reading even if you already know the first version.

Review of Aviation Safety Issues Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic

News from Associations, Organisations and Regulators


OPS Group

Airbus Safety First Magazine

  • Everything tight and round on the ground? Airbus Safety First Magazine points out that wheel tie bolts should be thoroughly checked during walkaround. You might encounter hydraulic problems if they come loose or shear off. To the article: Take Care of the Wheel Tie Bolts.


  • As part of ICAO's Next Generation Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative, launched in 2009, ICAO TV has also launched an NGAP series to showcase young aviation professionals in various fields of aviation. In the first episode, researchers in Aerospace Propulsion give a brief introduction to their work on innovations in aircraft propulsion: A Sneak Peek into Aerospace Propulsion Research

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