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The world is in constant change and we have to face it, just as we face threats in the cockpit. Seen in this light, ecological change is only one more challenge to be mastered. Nevertheless, we should not assume that it will not have an impact on us and our work.

Against this background it is all the more important that we - together with our European partners - have succeeded in establishing social sustainability as a major part in the Toulouse Declaration alongside environmental sustainability. It is a great success for all air transport workers that it has become such an integral part of this declaration.

In contrast to most other sectors, a reduction in greenhouse gas output from the aviation industry can only be achieved with a truly global approach. Anything else would only shift the well-known problems elsewhere (carbon leakage) and thus lead to a distortion of competition, which could hit us workers the hardest.

Lars Frontini
Board Member

These successes, even if they may seem small, are only possible through many years of commitment, steady work and cohesion. For this, we depend on your support, be it through your personal commitment in the practical work or through your contributions, which make this long-term work possible in the first place. But even more important is your moral support. Only through your reliable and decisive support, shaped by a global view, is it possible for the active VC members to work effectively for your interests in the long term.

In this Waypoints issue you can find what else VC has been able to achieve with your support!

VC demands End of CLA evasion at TUI

On Monday, one day before TUI's annual general meeting on Tuesday, we called for stopping to the blatant CLA evasion. TUI uses external airlines on numerous former routes of its German airline subsidiary TUIfly since its capacities are no longer sufficient after last year's drastic cutbacks. In the course of its fleet downsizing, TUIfly had dismissed hundreds of pilots. So far, however, all 78 cases for protection against dismissal by the affected cockpit employees have been won in the main proceedings. TUI should now realise that the hoped-for savings will not be achievable. VC is therefore calling on TUI's management to adjust its course and preserve the jobs in Germany.

Press Release (in German)

VC condemns Transfer of Lufthansa's US Flight School Campus to United Airlines

Lufthansa recently transferred its renowned flight school in Goodyear, Arizona to United Airlines. Of course, we welcome that the school has a future with United, especially in the interest of our colleagues on site. But at the same time, we do criticise Lufthansa's turning away from its once successful training concept and its training campus in the USA as the wrong path for the future. The fact that a big and serious airline such as United is very happy to take over the school, including staff and aircraft, shows in our opinion that Lufthansa has made a strategic mistake!

Press Release (in German)

Support for the Toulouse Declaration on Decarbonisation and Social Sustainability of Air Transport

Together with numerous European trade union partners, we support the declaration of the aviation summit of the French EU Council Presidency in Toulouse. It is important that political leaders ensure fair and stable framework conditions on the international level. This is the only viable way towards sustainable air transport. There will be no green transition without a fair transition.

"We would like to particularly emphasise the signatories' aim that on the road to decarbonisation of aviation, the focus must clearly be on both social and environmental sustainability," says VC President Stefan Herth. "A long-term future for the sector in Europe is only possible if the factors of environment, employees and competition are considered together. In order to implement common goals such as increasing SAF or PtL quotas, we need uniform and comprehensible measures and control mechanisms on a global scale. Only in this way can we protect the climate and keep jobs in Europe."

Press Release (in German)

New Podcast Episode: VC Flight Safety

Vivianne Rehaag (left) and Leila Belaasri

In the last episode of the VC Podcast, we presented the first genuine flight safety topic, Safety II. In the new episode, Vivianne Rehaag, responsible for Flight Safety on the Executive Board, informs us about the activities of our 16 working groups and her department.

Topics include how the work of volunteers and full-time staff is organised in practice, what a "normal" member has to bring along to participate in a working group, and of course how much time the commitment in the VC will usually cost you.

Flight Safety can only thrive with participation - and everyone can contribute! So get informed and get involved! We look forward to your active support.

Click here to listen to the VC Podcast (in German).

ECA & IFALPA: Caution when Flying towards Eastern Europe

IFALPA and ECA are highly concerned with the situation of heightened tensions in Eastern Europe. The situation appears comparable to that of summer 2014, which led to the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

In hindsight, we know that in 2014, both the open and closed source intelligence information were far from accurate. The risk of misidentification was underestimated, and for these and other reasons, many risk assessments resulted in a false sense of security which led to the decision to continue to overfly the area.

The current situation now expands over a much larger area. IFALPA and ECA are extremely concerned that the same false sense of security might arise again. They call on States and operators to carefully consider the lessons that should have been learned from MH17. States should not hesitate to take appropriate measures, such as closing down their own airspace or banning the overflight of high-risk areas.

In case of doubt, always choose the safest option. The safety and security of the passengers and crew should be of paramount importance.

ECA Position Paper: Pilot’s Best Practices for the Prevention of Runway Excursions

Based on the Global Action Plan on the Prevention of Runway Excursions (GAPPRE), ECA has compiled recommendations to minimise the risk of runway excursions. As the GAPPRE guidelines alone comprise 60 pages for aircraft operators, these guidelines have been summarised in order to be implemented by flight crews in their daily routine.

Position Paper: Pilot’s Best Practices for the Prevention of Runway Excursions.

Study: Working conditions and health status of airline pilots

As part of a doctoral research study at the medical faculty of the University of Cologne, a worldwide survey (in English) is being conducted on the physical and mental health of pilots. The aim is to find out whether health factors for airline pilots can be improved in the highly qualified work in the cockpit.

Since particularly sensitive data is being collected, according to the head of the study, Emanuel Schad, the anonymity of the participants is ensured in several steps, including current encryption technologies, exclusive access to raw data by the head of the study with medical confidentiality, as well as large comparison groups that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individuals or smaller groups (e.g. smaller airlines).

If you have any questions, please contact the study director Emanuel Schad at

ICAO Fact Finding Investigation Report on Ryanair Flight FR4978 published

ICAO's Special Fact Finding Investigation Team into the events surrounding Ryanair Flight FR4978 has issued its report (available as PDF here at Politico).

The ICAO Council has subsequently condemned the actions of Belarus. The bomb threat claimed by Belarus has been called deliberately false. In addition, the Council expressed concern about the gaps in the information provided by Belarus and the contradictions with the available evidence regarding central aspects of the factual reconstruction of the events.

Furthermore, the Council recalled that the transmission of false information endangering the safety of an aircraft is an offence under the Montreal Convention and explicitly condemned such practices.

News from Associations, Organisations and Regulators

ECA - 5G in the US // Artificial Intelligence // New EU Background Check Rules

FAA - Record number of laser attacks

  • The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has registered 9723 reports of laser strikes on pilots last year. According to the FAA, this is an increase of 41 per cent compared to 2020 and a new (negative) record: Dangerous Laser Strikes Reach Highest Numbers

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