Dear Members,

The VC General Assembly will take place on 5 May 2022. In our association, the General Assembly is the highest and most important body. Thus, it is rightly named in our statutes at the top of the VC organs (§4.1.a).

In the General Assembly, all members have the opportunity to directly shape the work of the association. We hope for a high number of participants at the meeting and also look forward to incorporating your influence on the decisions to be taken that shape the way of VC as a whole.

Our association thrives on the volunteer members who take on responsibilities in various areas. Many of these members are elected to their positions. Others get involved in the numerous working groups of the Flight Safety Department for our safety.

Carolin Bach
Chair of the Advisory Council

I would like to express my gratitude to all those working voluntarily for VC on behalf of the entire membership. Without your commitment we would not be as successful as we are. And it is through your constant work in various committees that we have gained a high reputation far beyond VC.

Dear members, I am looking forward to the General Assembly and your participation in discussions. The direct exchange with you is essential for the active members of the VC to be able to represent your interests in the best possible way. Therefore, I would like to encourage you once again for registering for the meeting. Let me finally say that I hope that we will soon have the opportunity to meet, discuss and promote exchange in person again.

Yours sincerely
Carolin Bach

General Assembly on 5 May 2022

Dear Members,

This year's VC General Assembly will be held virtually on 5 May 2022 from 10 am CEST (0800 UTC). The agenda and registration details have already been emailed to you at the beginning of April. In order to participate, you need to register in advance for the event website, which runs on the OpenSlides platform. For administrative reasons, we would like to ask you to register as soon as possible. Please go to the members' area of the VC website to register (login required):

On 5 May, you can follow the live stream of the Assembly, take part in votes and exercise your right to speak via an integrated video conferencing solution on the event website. You will find instructions there in case you want to file motions to change the agenda as well as the rules of procedure. After registering, you will also receive a quick reference guide for OpenSlides with your access data.

We look forward to the General Assembly and the exchange with you.
Your Executive Board

VC and UFO succesful in establishing Works Councils

We have been working closely with German Cabin Union UFO for months to establish a works council at the new Lufthansa Group Airline Eurowings Discover. On 13 April, we were able to celebrate the achievement of a real milestone together: the successful election meeting to establish a works council took place in the Flörsheim town hall. A three-member election committee could be elected to conduct the election. Particularly pleasing is the large turnout from the different employment groups.

"The number of candidates is high, so that all employee groups of the company on the ground and in the air can be represented in the works council. In terms of diversity, I am particularly pleased that female pilots also want to be involved in the work of the works council. After some initial hesitation, the employer has now become constructively involved in the process and we are optimistic that we will establish a successful partnership on this basis," says VC-President Stefan Herth.

With the positive news from Flörsheim, it should not be forgotten that only about a fortnight ago a new works council was also established at German Airways. At the airline, which was hit hard by the Covid pandemic, the election for a works council for cockpit and cabin was successfully completed on 31 March and the new body has commenced its work.

Dr Philipp Daniel Schaad is the new Head of VC Flight Safety

We are pleased to announce that Dr Philipp Daniel Schaad has joined the VC team as Head of Flight Safety on 1 April.

With a doctorate in aerospace engineering, Dr Schaad has worked on a meteosat project for ESA and on scientific projects for DLR in the field of air traffic management before joining Austro Control. His work there included the design of instrument flight procedures and ATM flow capacity management. Most recently, he was responsible for the entire air traffic management department at Austro Control.

READ YOU 5 Episode 5: Stress

Stressful situations are part of the everyday work of aircraft crews and controllers. In recruitment tests, close attention is paid to an appropriate ability to cope with stress. But how do we deal with high workloads in the cockpit and on the air traffic control board? What options are available to cushion such situations? Is it actually possible to detect each other's stress levels over the radio? And how can you perhaps support each other?

Our experts Frank Himmelsbach (GdF) and Jens Piotter (VC) talk about these question in the new READ YOU 5 episode hosted by Michael Kuppe (GdF).

We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions for further topics by email to

And if you have never been on a route experience flight, visited a tower or a centre, we would like to encourage you to do so. The exchange and the experiences are worth it!

Click here to listen to the Podcast (in German).

DFS Guest Article (Part 1/2): "Rusty Aviation" – Return to Normal Ops


We have published an excerpt from the VY Safety Letter of the Corporate Safety Management of German Air Traffic Control DFS as a guest article on the subject of runway incursion on the VC Info website. It was prepared by VC member Kolja Bollhorst in cooperation with DFS.

In this case, a King Air and a Boeing B738 on short final were involved. It was early evening and already dark. How could it happen that with two experienced controllers on ground, one notices the incomplete readback but does not correct it, while the coach does not notice it at all? Why did the controller check the ground situation with binoculars and let the situation develop instead of instructing the pilot to go around?

Read the first part of the guest article on the VC Info website (in German).

Do Good and Talk about it? Also possible in Air Transport...

If you are looking for good reasons FOR aviation, you can now find several at the Uniting Aviation website. Based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2015, the UN website lists the impact of aviation on these development goals and how our work - at least a large part of it - helps to positively influence the world.

Find detailed information at Uniting Aviation.

Detours to Asia hit European Airlines hardest

Eurocontrol took a look at the situation of European airlines after the closure of Russian and Belarusian airspace. Avoiding these airspace implies very long detours for some carriers, so that some rotations needed to be cancelled, such as Helsinki-Seoul by Finnair. Non-European airlines, on the other hand, can continue to fly the Siberian routes in most cases.

Detailed information is available from Eurocontrol.

News from Associations, Organisations and Regulators

EASA - No more Cargo in Passenger Cabins

  • According to EASA, the logistics challenges that existed in 2020 caused by the Covid crisis are no longer present to the same extent. Due to this changed situation, the regulations for the transport of cargo in passenger cabins will finally expire on 31 July. Find more information on the EASA-Website.

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