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we see it in many areas and at various levels of aviation: the efforts to build up political pressure to finally find more common European and international approaches to dealing with Covid-19. We all depend on it to restore passenger confidence!

The crisis not only paralyzes traffic to a large extent, but also brings to light numerous structural problems in the aviation industry. For example, the lack of social and environmental sustainability, financing issues of air traffic control or the challenge of maintaining the skills and formal qualifications of personnel through the crisis, to name just a few.

To prevent these and other problems from deepening or becoming more permanent, the ECA, together with seven European umbrella organizations of aviation employees, has presented a list of political demands. With this list, we would like to make our contribution to opening up long-term and sustainable perspectives for our industry.

In addition, we have the following topics this time:

  • Virtual General Meeting
  • QUAT working group: Instructors wanted!
  • New Flyer "Unfit to Fly" ("Flunguntauglichkeit", in German only)
  • New FAA Contingency Procedures
  • Workshops

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#TimeToRethink - European aviation needs a fresh start

In Europe, a number of things will have to change to get air traffic through the crisis and make it decent industry for all sides in the long term. In order to make the voices of the employees loud and clear in the necessary process of reorientation and to ensure that our concerns are taken into account, ECA and seven other umbrella organizations of European air traffic unions have formulated their demands - #TimeToRethink.

The statement reflects the views, concerns and demands of aviation workers in relation to the Covid 19 crisis and the way out.

The associations from different areas of aviation have identified a total of eight topics which European policy needs to prioritise and in which goals and strategies for the future of our industry must be implemented. Central points are atypical employment, social and ecological sustainability, financing of air traffic control, qualification of personnel and flight safety.

Click here for the Joint Statement "Covid-19 and Aviation - Time to Rethink".

Virtual general meeting

On 17 November 2020, at 10:00 a.m., this year's general meeting begins. Due to the pandemic it will take place virtually. All members have received invitations in the past days.

Important: To participate, prior registration using the personal login code is required. The deadline for sending in proxies is 8 November 2020.

The majority of the QUAT working group members at this year's closed meeting.

WG QUAT: Instructors wanted

The current crisis also holds many opportunities: Time to get involved and actively shape the future of our profession! Therefore the working group Qualification & Training (QUAT) would like to introduce itself once again to interested parties. In terms of content, the QUAT working group advocates an appropriate level of quality in selection, education and training and advises members in licensing matters.

More about this in the VC Info (available in German only).

New flyer: Unfitness to fly

In the new flyer "Unfitness to Fly" (in German only) of the WG Diversity and Social you will find clearly presented and reliable information on the topic of unfitness to fly.

Stay healthy! And if the worst comes to the worst, the responsible working groups of VC will help and mediate. If you have any questions, please contact us at

FAA: Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace

As of 5 November and until its publication in the US AIP, new "Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace" will apply in the Oceanic FIRs administered by the FAA. IFALPA points this out in a current Safety Bulletin. Although it is not possible to cover all possible contingencies, the procedures cover the most common cases, such as

  • The inability to comply with assigned clearance due to meteorological conditions
  • En route diversion across the prevailing traffic flow (for example, due to medical emergencies
  • A loss or significant reduction of the required navigation capability when operating in airspace where the navigation performance accuracy is a prerequisite to the safe conduct of flight operations; or in the event of pressurization failure.

IFALPA Fatigue Reporting Guidance

Effective reporting is essential for identifying fatigue risks and managing fatigue for safe flight operations. The new IFALPA Fatigue Reporting Guidance contains guidelines and procedures for this.

Seminar: Safety - Leadership - Human Factors

This VC recommended training takes place from 23. to 27.11.2020 as educational leave at the Sattelbergalm. The concept has been revised in light of the current situation. The seminar in the Tyrol mountains offers pilots and other interested parties a practice-oriented and intensive training to improve their leadership and communication behavior as well as their emotional competence. Special attention is paid to the preparation for the right behavior in crises.

The training, which has been held several times a year since 2004, has been continuously improved through evaluations in recent years and is supervised by flight captain Ralf Nitsche, member of VC WG QUAT. This event is recommended in cooperation with Berlitz as an approved sponsor for the implementation of training measures. It is recognized as educational leave in Hesse, NRW and Berlin. 

There are still a few places available. Further information on our new VC info page:

News from Associations, Organizations and Regulators


  • Eurocontrol has revised its traffic scenario forecast until February 2021. In the new "Current Status Scenario", the total number of expected flights in Europe is expected to be 55% lower than in 2019, representing a decrease of 6 million flights or a further reduction of 1 million European flights compared to previous expectations.


Last Jumbolino leaves Germany

WDL was the last operator in Germany to retire its BAe-146 "Jumbolino" fleet. So, the small four engine jet with air brakes on the aft fuselage will be an even rarer sight at German Airports from now on.

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