Dear Members,

the situation in the German aviation sky is currently a disaster. Some first signs of hope that our industry will recover have emerged, though. Not fully to the level of 2019, but at least to the extent that we believe we can cope with the cuts. Despite state aid for the companies, we as a trade union have reached the state of tough confrontations with many employers about jobs and fleets.

Be it in the TKs, the PVs, the Executive Board, the press and politics or the flight safety department: we run from fire to fire and try to save what can be saved. The media always focus their attention on the biggest blaze and so individual airlines stand out in coverage - at the moment especially Tuifly and Lufthansa.

But please be assured: The VC is there for each and everyone and we care about all colleagues equally! We fight for our members at all airlines equally. This often happens on channels that are not directly present in public.

In these waypoints we have the following contents:

  • Dispute over crisis measures with Tuifly and Ryanair/Laudamotion
  • Pooling of voting rights for Lufthansa shareholder meeting
  • Post COVID-19 job market guide
  • IFALPA demands health, safety and security requirements be met under COVID-19
  • "Europeans for Fair Competition" calls for action to safeguard European airline industry and its competitiveness

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Markus Wahl, VC Board and Team

Fight against TUIfly plans to cut jobs and fleet by half

We regard the planned job cuts and halving of the fleet at TUIfly as a misuse of state aid funds and as completely irresponsible towards the workforce. The parent company TUI has so far received 1.8 billion euros in state aid in Germany and now wants to cut around 700 jobs in flight personnel in Germany.

We strongly condemn these plans, especially against the background that the booking situation for winter 20/21 and summer 21 is apparently quite good and that the capacities will then be needed again. We have no understanding at all for job cuts and social dumping and expect tough negotiations.

We are fighting for jobs at all levels - that means in the TK as well as in media and politics. This is one of the reasons why there is now resentment in political circles about the plans of the TUI management. We are therefore confident that we will be able to persuade the company to make significant concessions by continuing to exert strong public pressure.

Two things are certain:

  • With good long-term business prospects, there is NO argument for reducing jobs in Germany.
  • We will fight for every job at TUIfly!

Lufthansa shareholder meeting: pool voting rights, enable rescue

Dear members,

All Lufthansa shareholders will shortly receive invitations to the extraordinary shareholder meeting on 25 June, at which the acceptance of the state rescue package will be discussed. The agreement reached on the rescue of Lufthansa is a difficult compromise but there is no alternative. An insolvency under self-administration ("Schutzschirmverfahren", similar to US chapter 11 insolvency proceedings) would entail unpredictable risks for all Lufthansa stakeholders.

We call on all VC members who are Lufthansa shareholders: Please approve the rescue package!

If you are unable to attend the extraordinary shareholder meeting in person, we urge you to delegate your vote to us. You can find detailed information on the delegation of your vote and our arguments for the rescue package here (in German only, please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with the paperwork):

Ryanair and Laudamotion TKs: Together against the attempted tariff dictate

The TKs of the Ryanair group are responding to the attempted tariff dictate of their employers by closing ranks.

"Neither at Malta Air nor at Laudamotion will we allow the employer to lower the conditions without fair negotiations with us and without a joint decision-making process," the spokesmen of both TKs declared in their joint statement.

Malta Air is threatening to dismiss up to 170 pilots in Germany. Laudamotion does not disclose its concrete plans for pilots based in Germany after the collective agreement on short-time work ended at the end of May 2020.

Post COVID-19 job market guide

Stay fit! Mentally, physically, in aviation and financially.

That is the key message of the new ECA Paper "The post-COVID-19 pilot job market: How does the future job market look like and where is my place in it?" The guide contains numerous tips on how to improve your chances on the highly competitive job market for flight deck personnel and how to get through the crisis unscathed.

IFALPA demands health, safety and security requirements be met under COVID-19

In their joint statement "Key Considerations on Workplace Safety for the Resumption of Global Air Services", IFALPA and the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) call on international aviation regulators and employers to take full account of all health, safety and security concerns when reopening borders to normal air traffic.

These are the main issues:

  • The provision of adequate and appropriate personal protective equipment for both passengers and crew
  • Safety risk assessments are undertaken by independent experts with worker representation
  • Crew members and airport workers are provided access to reliable and efficient Covid-19 testing and contact tracing.

"Europeans for Fair Competition" calls for action to safeguard European airline industry and its competitiveness

Aviation is crucial for the European Union, its economy and its people. The "Europeans for Fair Competition" initiative (E4FC) calls for action to safeguard the European airline industry and its competitiveness in response to COVID-19.

VC is a founding member of E4FC and has produced a position paper together with union and corporate partners. We are in close contact with EU institutions to promote fair competition during and after the crisis.

The position paper is available on the E4FC Website. Please also share the social media postings on LinkedIn and Twitter.

News from Associations, Organisations and Authorities




  • A study by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) shows a problem with drone use in controlled airspace in the USA. Among other things, FAA approvals are often lacking and maximum altitudes approved for drones are often exceeded. Read the entire study here.



  • The ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) has issued a new report and recommendations under the title "CART Take Off Guidance", which are supposed help get the international air transport system back on track in a harmonised manner. The Crew Guidelines also include special recommendations for pilots.

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