Sunday, 05 April 2020

Latest Information about Covid-19

With regards to the currents effects of covid-19 we would like to provide the following information.

General Information regarding covid-19:

Covid-19 dailiy risk assessmemt provided by ECDC:

Produced by Eurocontrol the following link provides a pandemic factsheet:

References to covid-19 of ICAO, WHO and further entities can be found via CAPSCA (Collaborative Arrangements for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation), e.g. worldwide coronavirus NOTAMS provided by ICAO

IFALPA has provides recommendations for operators and crews considering fatigue during covid-19 operations.

EASA published a single website regarding measures to prevent the spread of covid-19. This website include all publications like a flyer adressing crew behaviour, Safety Information Bulletins (SIB) and Safety Directives (SD).



Specific Information for handling infectious diseases on board should be provided in the respective airline Operating Manual, Part A, chapter 8.