End dumping prices in aviation - air travel has its value

Wednesday, 04 August 2021

End dumping prices in aviation - air travel has its value

Vacation time is travel time and many people are recognizing the value of free and unrestricted air travel in Europe again during their vacation trips. At the same time, some airlines are announcing that they want to flood the market with tickets at dumping prices in order to secure additional market shares. Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) rejects such offers and supports calls for ending dumping prices in air traffic.  

Low-cost offers lead to distortions of competition because they do not reflect the real costs of air travel. They can only be realized on the backs of employees and the environment. To stop ruinous price competition, various associations and trade unions are calling for EU regulation stipulating that airline tickets may not be sold at a price below all applicable taxes, surcharges, fees and other charges.

Dumping prices that do not include these costs exert extreme price pressure on the entire value chain. At some point, they are going to fall back on passengers. For instance, if service providers at airports have too few staff, declining service levels and delays will be inevitable. EU regulation could at least put an end to the most severe dumping offers and thus lead to a more balanced competitive environment and better employment conditions in aviation.  

"A flight for vacation or business purpose has its value for travellers and employees alike. Therefore, it must have a certain price", says Leila Belaasri, VC Spokesperson. "Cutthroat price competition ultimately hurts everyone: airlines, travellers, employees and the economy that depends on efficient connectivity. We appeal to European politics to implement a regulation that makes sure all taxes, surcharges, fees and other charges be included in final ticket prices. Anything else is pure dumping."



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