Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Malta Air Pilots (Ryanair Group) and Vereinigung Cockpit call for Short-Time Work Benefits for German pilots

Malta Air and Vereinigung Cockpit today (Wednesday, 26 Aug) jointly call on the Federal Employment Agency and the Federal Government to treat employees of Malta Air in Germany the same as their colleagues from other airlines during the Covid-19 crisis, by honoring their previous decision to grant short-time work benefits to German based pilots. 
In the wake of Covid-19, Vereinigung Cockpit and Malta Air have negotiated agreements to secure Pilot employment in Germany and avoid German Pilot job losses, through measures such as significant pay cuts, fully restored over 4 years, and reduced working hours. This was done with the firm expectation that the Federal Employment Agency would grant short-time work benefits for these German based employees, who pay German tax and German Social Security. 
The fact that a positive decision was withdrawn and remains the subject of a social court case is a bitter blow for German Pilots. 

Malta Air’s CEO Diarmuid O’Conghaile said: 

“It’s a sad day for German pilots, who I’m sure feel that their Government has turned its back on them in light of the news that the German Government is backtracking on their decision to grant short-time work benefits for local German pilots who pay German tax and German Social Security. 

At a time when other airlines are receiving billions in State Aid, the German Government should not abandon pilots in Malta Air by denying social insurance benefits. The airline industry has been devastated during the Covid-crisis and although we’ve worked hard to minimise German Pilot job losses, pilots need their Government’s support in the form of these benefits. 

Malta Air is one of the largest aviation employers in Germany with over 1,000 Pilots and Cabin Crew across our German bases. It’s important that the German Government works to protect these essential workers and takes into account the extraordinary challenges currently facing the airline industry. Together with Vereinigung Cockpit, we call on the Cologne Employment Agency as well as the Federal Government to cease this discriminatory withholding of support.” 
Dr. Marcel Gröls, Chairman Industrial Relations of Vereinigung Cockpit, said: 

"The pilots in Germany are local workers. They pay taxes and contributions to the German social security system. Naturally they expect support in the form of short-time work benefits. The political goal of securing jobs in the country with the instrument of short-time work compensation is common sense for the German Government. However, we have the impression that double standards are being applied here.

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