Friday, 24 July 2020

Vereinigung Cockpit presents its Aviation Safety Concept "SafeSKY 2020"

  • VC-Flight-Safety-Vorstand Björn Reimer übergibt das Flugsicherheitskonzept SafeSKY 2020 an Steffen Bilger, Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär im BMVI.

today Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) presented its SafeSKY 2020 Aviation Safety Concept in Berlin. Björn Reimer, board member Flight Safety, handed over the 80-page document to  Parliamentary State Secretary Steffen Bilger in the BMVI (ministry of transport). The concept outlines important challenges for global aviation safety, identifies weaknesses in the aviation system and proposes concrete measures for maintaining and improving aviation safety.

"With our concept, we are contributing to improving flight safety from the perspective of cockpit crews," says Björn Reimer. "This view is not always fully reflected in current safety management systems and flight safety plans. Our flight safety concept is therefore intended to complement existing safety management systems of other stakeholders. In this way, we want to promote dialogue and cooperation between all stakeholders".

Key risk areas

"Flights into and over crisis areas", the "collision risk in VFR flight operations" and "lower airspace" are currently the greatest safety concerns for commercial pilots. These three topics are identified as the primary risk areas in the air safety concept.

In addition, the concept identifies 13 further key risk areas, including runway incursions, i.e. incidents with unauthorised movements on runways, the reduction of the scope of pilot training and contaminated cabin air. The concept identifies the training and operating conditions of cockpit crews and the issue of regulations as particularly relevant factors for flight safety.


Safety First - True to this basic principle, VC has been committed to improving safety in aviation since its foundation.  In order to comprehensively cover the complexity of this topic, experts from all 16 working groups and the three task forces of VC were involved in the development of the concept. 

Accidents and incidents in air traffic are usually not caused by a single problem, but by a chain of events and problems. Therefore, in order to increase flight safety, it is necessary for as many participants and factors as possible to work together.

You can download the concept here:

At the moment it is only available in German, the English version will be published soon


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