Tuesday, 12 December 2017

VC announces strike at Ryanair

The German Pilots Association (VC) has announced in a press conference, that from today on, strike action within Ryanair can be expected at any time. This is intended to assist Ryanair Pilots in their collective bargaining process for fair and transparent working conditions. Ryanair Management always claims that they benchmark against competitor B737 operators, therefore the German Ryanair Company Council used TUIfly Germany as a comparison.

"The Ryanair pilots need to end the systematic social dumping, this can only be accomplished with trade union support. If we don´t do it now, when will there be another chance? ", said Ingolf Schumacher, Head of the VC´s Industrial Negotiating Department.

Currently, Ryanair pilots are leaving in large numbers, most airlines offer better working conditions than Ryanair and pilots are in demand throughout Europe and the World. This has resulted in the Irish Airline having a serious crewing issue which has led to numerous flight cancellations.

The initial industrial action is being called by several pilot unions. The Italian pilots association is planning on strike actions the coming days. The Portugese will be giving more information about thier plans the next days. Yesterday, the pilots in Ireland voted for the implementation of industrial action.

"Ryanair can stop the German industrial action right now by declaring the willingness to negotiate proper terms and conditions of work and remuneration, a last chance is still being offered," states VC President Ilja Schulz. "Otherwise, Ryanair will be fully responsible for future industrial actions," adds VC President Schulz.

The Vereinigung Cockpit would like to reassure the passengers who are traveling in the Christmas period between the afternoon of December 23rd and including December 26, there will be no disruptions due to industrial action from VC.



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VC ist the German Airline Pilots‘ Association. The fundamental objectives of the VC are contributing to the welfare and safety of civil aviation as well as ensuring and pursuing the interests of its 9,600 members regarding technical affairs and industrial affairs.



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