Tuesday, 06 November 2018

Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. (VC) held press conference in Berlin, supported by SPD and representatives of other pilot associations

Ryanair Base closures and reductions: leadership through scare tactics

With the closure of the bases in Bremen and Eindhoven, and by reducing the base in Weeze, Ryanair management once again holds the gun to the pilots’ heads: either they don’t resist to being transferred or otherwise, they will lose their jobs. VC views this as an obvious attempt to stop strike action at Ryanair and as yet another example of Ryanair ruling from on high. The only viable protection against such measures have to be collective agreements, for which VC is still standing up for.

In yesterdays’ press briefing, representatives of a number of international pilot associations have expressed their solidarity with VC. Among those were Dirk Polloczek (ECA), Joe DePete (ALPA-I, USA & Canada), Yngve Carlsen (NF, Norway), Ed Jasiewicz (APA, USA), Brian Strutton (BALPA, UK) und Evan Cullen (IALPA, Ireland) as well as representatives from Austria, Switzerland and France.

Additionally, members of the German parliament Bernd Rützel and Arno Klare (both SPD) expressed their support, especially with their demand to adjust and modernize §117 of the German Works Constitution Act to guarantee codetermination rights for employees working aboard aircraft – a change which would be beneficial to all pilots and cabin crew members employed by those airlines which have evaded social partnerships and codetermination rights, so far.

We have put together the following list of press reports: