Friday, 09 March 2018

VC: Ryanair Company Council for negotiations with Irish airline elected

Today, Vereinigung Cockpit concluded the election of its Ryanair Company Council. Together with a VC negotiation expert, this group consisting of five Ryanair pilots, will deal directly with Ryanair management. Their goal will be the introduction of collective labor agreements to improve the working conditions of pilots.

“In the recent past, Ryanair appeared as the wolf in sheep’s clothing offering pilots what appeared to be a significant salary increase” says VC spokesperson Markus Wahl. “Taking a closer look, the offer turns out to be a less than stellar and not worth the paper it was written on. The salary increase promised by the company can be taken away again at the companies’ whim. The only real protection for pilots can stem from a collective agreement with VC. Without such an agreement, pilots would still be at the mercy of the company” Wahl explains.

“Not with us Ryanair pilots! The agreement which was presented to us by the company cannot be considered reliable in a legally sense and gives no perspectives for the future. We demand negotiations on an eye-to-eye level and legally binding collective agreements and we will not waiver” adds Olav Leeman, member of the new company council.


To set an end to the companies maneuverings, the new company council will meet with management in the very near future.





Markus Wahl, Board Member and Spokesperson, Tel. 0176 / 16 959 001, VC press office, Tel. 069 / 69 59 76 102


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