Confidential Reports

Especially for colleagues working in countries where there might be no pilot representation, VC would like to provide a way to address issues and problems within their company.

This is how you can send confidential reports to us:

The protection of your identity is of utmost importance to VC. If you wish to provide us with confidential Information, we would suggest the following measures.

For your own safety, never contact us from any device related to your employer, such as laptop computers, tablets or mobile phones, nor through your company email account since these can easily be monitored. If you are living abroad, don't use your personal phone (mobile or landline) or email account either.

Do not simply send confidential information or documents through email unprotected! 

Through Mail: 
Unterschweinstiege 10
60549 Frankfurt, Germany 

Using snail mail is a reliable means of sending Information. To increase security, you can encrypt your data before putting it on a disc or USB stick.

Through email: You can also send an email encrypted with PGP or S/MIME to:

You can download our public PGP or S/MIME key below. For technical information on how to encrypt your mail to us, we would recommend a web search.

Fingerprint: 10BD 56D6 E675 D21F 86DD EE1D CBBE 2075 171F 6C8D

Fingerprint: 8e 00 f1 4e ab 6a ba 03 41 1e 02 06 64 80 94 09 df 20 23 d0

Create a new anonymous email address and try to use a mobile device in a public WiFi Network. You can also mask your location by using the Tor-System.

Please also let us know, if you would like to receive a reply from VC!