Vereinigung Cockpit is the association of airline pilots and flight engineers in Germany. Today, it represents the interests of approximately 9600 cockpit crew members from all German airlines (even during their training) as well as commercial helicopter pilots.

The fundamental objectives of the VC are to contribute to the welfare of civil aviation as well as to ensure and pursue the interests of its members regarding professional and collective bargaining policies. Among other things, we achieve this by:

  • influencing legislation,
  • concluding collective wage agreements,
  • participating in decision-making regarding salary terms and other conditions of employment,
  • informing the public about the professional, sociopolitical and economic situation of cockpit crews.

Association Politics

The highest and most important committee is the general assembly. It elects the board of directors, which formally represents the interests of the members and designates the guidelines of the VC’s work. The advisory board is the permanent representation of the members towards the board of directors. Among other things part of its duties is advising the board of directors and providing it with recommendations in defining the guidelines of the association’s policies.

VC bargaining commission are formed for the preparation and implementation of collective negotiations and to advise on the conclusion and termination of collective wage agreements for crew members.
Furthermore, in the VC committees numerous VC members take care of all important topics regarding commercial aviation.

The VC also makes requests and suggestions be heard on an international level. There is a close and effective collaboration with international associations. First and foremost, this includes the   IFALPAthe International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations (meanwhile including the IFEO, the international federation of national flight engineers’ associations) and, on a European level, the ECA - European Cockpit Association.

We help our members with

  • matters pertaining to employment law: We provide you with legal counsel from our experienced lawyers specialised in employment law. We find individual solutions for you and if necessary, also negotiate for you. Call us at the VC headquarters before consulting an external lawyer. When indicated, legal protection is provided by our lawyers or by bearing the expenses for legal disputes to the provisions of the VC legal protection regulations.
  • Aircraft accidents, illness, loss of licence: In the event of an actual aircraft accident: VC experts take care of the affected crew members. In the event of medical questions or problems, the VC provides contact to medical specialists.
  • The lawyers operating at the headquarters of VC are always available as constant, competent contact persons for employee and employee committees in our office and in seminars and meetings.

Moreover, VC members have the option of making use of favourable group insurance services (e.g. LOL, private health insurance, accident insurance).

Members’ magazine

VC-Info is a publication for pilots written by pilots, which is published on a regular basis.
There are three main topics: articles on improving air traffic safety worldwide, features covering working conditions and the current pay situation and also plenty of background information and interesting facts regarding the professional environment and the entire aviation sector.

The VC members obtain detailed information on facts, problems, innovations and tendencies in aviation at events and on this website.

Brochure - 5 good reasons to join the VC

Please find here a download-link for our brochure.