Flight Safety

Who we are

Vereinigung Cockpit’s Flight Safety Department deals with the strategic interests, contents, and regulations of the pilot profession. Our primary goal is to promote aviation safety, and through our SafeSky program, we demonstrate our commitment to improve aviation safety. The Flight Safety department comprises the working groups of VC’s active members as well as the office team.

Working groups

To build up and maintain comprehensive expertise, more than 130 volunteer members are involved in various working groups within VC.  The working groups deal with safety issues across all areas of aviation as well as aspects of the pilot profession. The aim is to maintain and continuously improve aviation safety through participation in relevant legislative processes, active involvement in shaping working conditions, contributing to further development of flight crew training, public relations work, and the exchange of information with international contacts.

Office team

VC’S working groups are supported by an office team in all coordinating, administrative and technical matters. The office team consists of the Technical Director, Technical Officers and the Flight Safety Assistant.


Should you have questions, are interested in aviation safety topics, or when you would like to contribute to the working groups with your expertise, we look forward to hearing from you by e-mail: flightsafety@vcockpit.de