Flight Safety

Professional objectives of the Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. are, among others, being

  • involved in the welfare and safety of civil aviation as well as

  • maintaining and pursuing interests related to professional policies.

In particular, these objectives can be achieved by

  • exercising influence on the legislative authority regarding all topics relevant to aviation (in particular regarding training regulations, working conditions and air traffic safety),
  • participating in decision-making for the organisation of working conditions,
  • further developing the general and vocational training system for cockpit crews,
  • informing the public about the professional situation,
  • maintaining international contacts.

In detail, this entails

  • establishing and having extensive, up-to-date professional expertise available on all significant topics of civil aviation, which we ensure by participating in seminars, special events and conferences,
  • contributing and using synergies and the mutual exchange of information with all important stakeholders in the aviation sector,
  • conveying an objective and positive image of the profession and protecting its interests in the public eye by means of sustainable presence in specialised and daily media and at public events such as at trade fairs for instance,
  • increasing name recognition of the Vereinigung Cockpit as a professional association.

More than 130 honorary members are involved with the establishment and provision of extensive professional expertise within the VC in line with various committees, which meet at regular intervals, to ensure the exchange of information and to deal with current topics.

TheVC board of directors provides the general framework for work relating to professional policies. The board member Technical Affairs is responsible for this area within the board of directors. On the salaried side, the committees and the board of directors are supported by the Director of and the Consultant for Technical Affairs as well as the administrative assistant for Technical Affairs.

In addition to the work on a national level, there is a close and effective collaboration with international associations. First and foremost, this includes the IFALPA, the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations, on a European level, the ECA - European Cockpit Association.

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