Aviation Safety Concept

A Perspective from the Flight Deck

With SafeSKY 2023, Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. is continuing its tradition of aviation safety work, highlighting challenges for aviation safety, identifying aviation system weaknesses, and presenting measures for maintaining and improving aviation safety - from the perspective of those producing safety on a daily basis at the sharp end.

In addition to specific safety issues, SafeSKY 2022 also identifies factors significantly contributing to and affecting aviation safety, allowing a cross-thematic perspective. Through SafeSKY 2023, VC wants to contribute to the continuous improvement of aviation safety.

Specific and potential fields of action cover the following areas:

SafeSKY 2023 thus can be seen as a supplement to existing management systems, which cannot always completely cover the flight deck perspective. VC would like to contribute to close parts of this gap and invites all stakeholders to jointly approach the challenges for aviation safety.

The SafeSKY 2023 aviation safety concept can be downloaded here.