Business Aviation (BA)


What is the BA Committee?

The BA Committee is a committee of the Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. (VC)

What does the BA Committee stand for?

BA is the abbreviation for Business Aviation and includes all issues pertaining to non-scheduled air travel. In-house corporate transport and the commercial operation of business aircrafts for the purpose of transporting people and cargo are also included in this subject area.

Work objectives

- integration of the BA Committee as the pilots’ lobby and voice in business aviation
- working on the following topics:
- air traffic safety in business aviation
- selection of cockpit crew
- compilation of manuals
- consistent dialogue with various committees of the VC for the improvement of the  
  general conditions in business aviation

Members wanted!!

We look forward to hear from any colleague with experience in business aviation, who would like to contribute to improving the pilots’ conditions of work in business aviation.

If you are interested, please contact us.


Beckert, Christian  
Böttge, Peter  
Burg, Kalman  
Pfeiffer, Michael