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RPG Safety Update

Is safety an appropriate matter of concern for the RPG?

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Pilots' vision on weather

There is a paradox. Few factors affect air operations as much as weather. It can also impact negatively the safe conduct of flights. But the meteorological information available to pilots before and during their flight has not dramatically changed over the last two decades. And this despite the advent of the information society and the requirements for the upcoming Single European sky.

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ECA Cockpit News - monatlicher Newsletter

Thursday, 23. February 2017 14:49

Over 550 Norwegian pilots call NAR to recognise ANPAC

ECA calls upon Norwegian Air Resources management to listen to the voice of its pilots, as expressed in an online petition which was signed by over 550 Norwegian pilots, to recognise the Italian pilot union ANPAC immediately.  read more

Monday, 20. February 2017 07:50

EU Pilot fatigue rules miss required effect

18th February 2017 marks exactly one year of European airlines flying under the new EU Flight Time Limitations (FTL) rules – which were introduced to prevent pilot fatigue from endangering flight safety. However, widely differing interpretations of the rules, lack of official guidance on correct implementation, immature Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) systems in the airlines, and persistent fatigue problems in Europe’s cockpits are the current state-of-play. Aviation stakeholders are therefore called upon to jointly address these shortcomings. read more

Wednesday, 08. February 2017 10:19

Cockpit News February 2017

month:  February year:  2017 Mailchimp url: stories:  From “rigid” to “resilient” – helicopter pilots’ feedback needed! Glance at the past, vision for the future Kick-starting 2017 with thoughts on what matters New era for aviation – Flags of Convenience Pilots are tired. What else did the LSE Study show us?

Tuesday, 07. February 2017 15:40

Kick-starting 2017 with thoughts on what matters

2016 was a very safe year in aviation – again. In fact, it was the second safest year in the history of post-war commercial aviation. While this is certainly something we should – collectively as an industry – be proud of, we should not let ourselves be blinded by success.  Instead, we should set our ambitions high and aim for ever safer aviation. But how do we achieve that? read more

Tuesday, 07. February 2017 15:38

New era for aviation – Flags of Convenience

In December 2016, exactly 3 years after its initial request, Norwegian Air International (NAI), a Norwegian Air Shuttle Irish-based subsidiary – obtained a Foreign Air Carrier Permit by the US Department of Transportation (US DoT). The decision – although preannounced – hit European and American aviation hard. It signals a new era for aviation: one which allows airlines to shop around for friendly tax-regimes, friendly regulatory regimes & oversight and cheap labor. read more

Tuesday, 07. February 2017 15:23

Pilots are tired. What else did the LSE Study show us?

The London School of Economics (LSE) Study – revealing that pilot fatigue is a clear and present concern for European pilots – was one of the most memorable readings in 2016. But there’s much more to that study that remained beyond the headlines – facts and trends about pilots feeling insufficiently trained, lacking trust in national civil aviation authorities, doubting management’s commitment to safety. Such findings are more difficult to be summarised in headlines. read more

Tuesday, 07. February 2017 15:21

From “rigid” to “resilient” – helicopter pilots’ feedback needed!

How to make helicopter pilot training better? The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is seeking feedback from helicopter pilots on the current training system, as well as the envisaged changes to it, including the concept of the recurrent Evidence-Based Training. read more

Wednesday, 11. January 2017 17:33

Peer Support in Europe:

Peer Support Programmes (PSP) have proven successful in identifying pilots that need help, treating them and, where possible, bringing them back to the flight deck. read more

Tuesday, 03. January 2017 11:38

Helicopter pilots, have your say

By completing this survey thoughtfully, you will make a significant contribution to the future safety of helicopter operations and make a positive change to the nature of future recurrent training. read more

Monday, 02. January 2017 11:59

Glance at the past, vision for the future

Take a look at the highlights from 2016!