Dear members,

Even if it is probably difficult for most of us, let us remain positive and accept this serious crisis as an opportunity. Anything else obscures the opportunities we now have for far-reaching and thus forward-looking reforms of our association.

The first positive changes have already been initiated: The VC's safety net for colleagues who have lost their jobs and fear for their licenses and ratings, or the renewal through the VCNextGen project are things we would either not have at all or at least not in their current form without Corona.

Of course, in addition to the economic challenges, the crisis has also ruthlessly brought to light all the challenges for and cracks within the VC, and we see that the problems are more complex than we originally thought. We therefore need nothing less but a comprehensive modernization of the VC to prepare it for the future. But precisely because these things now lay open so visibly, the opportunity for change is obvious!

I am confident that, with the VCNextGen project, we will make better use of the strength of our 10,000 members in the future and, out of this community spirit, set up our association again in such a way that we can look to the future with confidence.

By the way: the latest digital issue of VC Info (in German) has just been released:

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  • The entire issue with all internal news is available in the members' section of our website at Service -> VC Info (login required).

Markus Wahl

New Contribution Rules: Calculation and Slider

As a result of our new contribution rules, the logic of determining contributions has changed fundamentally, as has the calculation. Member support and IT department are currently working under high pressure to implement the technical changes accordingly. As soon as the calculation of membership fees is available, we will inform you by circular letter.

Against this background, we would like to point out the difference between the slider and the contribution calculation: With the slider, you can adjust your monthly part payments yourself at any time and permanently. However, these payments do not change the membership fee due for the entire year. This is determined with the contribution calculation on the basis of the December statement. The difference between this and the monthly payments made will then be credited or recalculated. The amount of the advance payments for the current year is also determined on this basis.

The new contribution rules were adopted at the November 2020 General Meeting. Because of its fundamentally new structure, we have to make a great deal of technical adjustments for its implementation. We will need at least the month of February for this and would therefore like to ask for your patience until it is activated.

Connect - The right Step into the Future

"Connect" is the name of the newly launched project between the Lufthansa Collective Bargaining Commission (Konzerntarifkommission = KTK) and the Lufthansa CityLine Collective Bargaining Commission. Through an intensified exchange, the possibilities and dimensions of future cooperation are being explored.

Ideas and scenarios are developed and sketched out on the drawing board, with an open mind, in order to avoid past mistakes and to shape the future together. The open and constructive discussions began back in September. It quickly became clear to everyone involved how much potential there was in this project. Since then, previous differences have been continuously worked through in several working groups, and the path to a future based on partnership is being paved.


Flyer - Respecting Boundaries

The flyer "Respecting Boundaries" (in German) of the AG DAS is dedicated to the complex of topics of boundary-respecting behavior and sexual harassment. It summarizes explanations, definitions, social relevance and behavioral options.

Boeing 737 Max re-cleared for Commercial Service

EASA has issued an Airworthiness Directive on Jan. 27 allowing the Boeing 737 Max to return to commercial service in Europe. Before letting it fly again, operators must take extensive measures concerning the aircraft itself, flight manuals as well as flight crew training. More detailed information:

Meanwhile, the FAA has published in its "Updates on Boeing 737 MAX" that it is proposing updates to the Flight Standardization Board (FSB) report and the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) for the Max. These primarily address differences between the original version and the newer 737-8200, but do not affect the basic recertification of the Max.

ECA: confidence has been restored

The ECA endorses the recertification in its statement "Pilots endorse EASA's Airworthiness Directive on 737MAX" and regards it as the conclusion of a thorough "Return to Service" process. The transparent approach, as well as the involvement of pilots and increased scrutiny by EU decision-makers has helped restore confidence, ECA states.

OPS Group - SafeAirspace: 2021 Update

Military conflicts and their risks to civil aviation have not taken a break during the pandemic. The OPS Group has now provided a summary of airspace risks to bring relevant information together in one place.

Click here for the OPS Group Briefing

Airbus Safety First Magazine - A Focus on the Take Off Rotation

Airbus data analysis of take offs has revealed that rotation rates are too low in some cases, leading to degraded take off performance. The new article in Safety First Magazine describes take off rotation laws on Airbus aircraft and recommended rotation techniques.

To the Article "A Focus on the Take Off Rotation"

Captaining through Covid-19

In his article "Captaining through Covid-19" (published in the supplement to Eurocontrol's magazine "Hindsight" No. 31) Flight Captain Paul Reuter explains how captains, supervisors and other team leaders can cope with the new reality during the pandemic and create working environments that support their team and keep them fit. Paul Reuter flies on Boeing 737 for Luxair and is also president of the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI).

News from Associations, Organisations and Regulators



  • Eurocontrol has started the Contrail Prevention Project in cooperation with the DLR to find out whether the formation of long lasting contrails and cirrus clouds can be inhibited by the relatively small changes in operations of avoiding certain flight levels. Further information can be found in this video on Youtube.


  • ICAO has analysed that the total number of flights in 2020 has declined to the level of 2003. Seat capacities decreased to 50 per cent while total passenger numbers even plummeted by 60 per cent. Last year, only 1.8 billion passenger were counted as compared to 4.5 billion in 2019.
  • 2021 has been declared the "Year of Security Culture" by ICAO. In this context, the organisation points out its "Top tips for embedding a strong and effective security culture in aviation".

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