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Our VC Waypoints represent one aspect of our aim to constantly contribute to the improvement of flight safety. Next to current links to publications todays Waypoints edition covers the following topics:

  • ICAO survey aimed at Improvement of NOTAMs (Your voice matters)
  • IFALPA opposes to Reduced Runway Separation Minima at Night
  • EASA statement on B737 MAX
  • New VC Policies published
  • Exterior Commerce Rules for Crew Members in Mexico
  • BG Verkehr ceased the Fume Event Biomonitoring Study
  • Research survey on pilot's attitude towards reporting (supported by VC)

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ICAO Survey aimed at Improvement of NOTAMs

ICAO is presently trying to gather information on how to improve today's NOTAM system as it has become overly cumbersome and does not efficiently identify the appropriate threats to safety that it should. In fact, there is too much information presented in an inefficient format.

We would request you to to take the survey in the link below in order to provide as much information as possible to the ICAO Information Management Panel (IMP) to support the improvement of the future NOTAM system.

The deadline for completing the survey is 31 October.

Follow this link to access the ICAO NOTAM questionnaire.

IFALPA opposes to Reduced Runway Separation Minima for Night Operations

After suggestions at several ICAO Panel Meetings to apply Reduced Runway Separation Minima at night IFALPA has published a position in which they oppose to Reduced Runway Separation Minima for night operations.

In their Position Paper, IFAPLA highlights the safety critical aspects and potential hazards, that add a complexity that is not applicable to daylight operations.

New VC Policies published

Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. has published new policies relating to

in September. At present time, the above policies are available in German only. Visit our English webiste to access all translated VC policies.

EASA Press Release regarding statements on B737 MAX

EASA has recently released a statement of clarification after a Flyers Rights article has been published in which comments from them have been attributed to EASA. In their statement, EASA clarifies their responses with regards to issues with the B737 MAX, adressing

  • certification
  • longitudinal stability
  • status of design review
  • flight crew training requirement

See EASAs full statement of clarification.

Exterior Commerce Rules for Crew Members in Mexico

IFALPA has been informed by the Mexican Pilot Association (ASPA) of the current Foreign Commerce General Rules applicable to all crew members operating in Mexico.

Crews operating to any international airport within Mexico should strictly follow these rules. As IFALPA has been informed, there have been instances in which Federal Officers have confiscated goods from crews operating into Mexico for not being able to provide the appropriate support documentation of purchase of the property.

Please follow the above link, where these rules are summarized and explained by IFALPA for your convenience.

VC FHE working group information - BG Verkehr has ceased Biomonitoring for Fume Events

BG Verkehr has ceased the much criticised "biomonitoring study" process as of 30 September 2019. Crew members affected by fume events thus can only undergo the standard post fume event process, even though it is not yet clear what exactly this means. Unfortunately, in case of fume events we cannot provide recommendations for appropriate contact points at present time. However, the VC FHE working group is working on a solution in that regard.

Note: The BG Verkehr will continue to evaluate every urine/blood sample received in the course of the study. There is serious doubt about the outcome of the study because of e.g. a non-existent hypothesis, a missing approval from the ethics committee, reported complications during the hospital anamnesis, or because of samples that disappeared. However, despite our critique and a complaint made to the supervisory authority, BG Verkehr continues to hold on to the study.

Research Survey on Pilot's Attitude towards Reporting Self-Inflicted Errors

You are kindly asked by one of our members to support his research survey on pilot's attitude towards reporting self-inflicted errors (performance-based-, judgement- and decision-making-errors, and violations)  which is conducted with the Ruhr-University Bochum.

The results of the research survey are intended to be used to increase flight safety and to improve your working conditions. VC recognises the potential of the survey and kindly asks for your support.

Please follow the link below or the OR-code to participate in the survey. Survey on pilot's attitude towards reporting self-inflicted errors

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