Masterarbeit: Multi Crew Pilot Licence

How many hours of Flight Training does it take to become an Airline Pilot?


This study analyzed the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL), recently introduced by ICAO. The MPL concept per se, and potential flight-training hour requirements, which are not clearly defined and therefore cause some confusion were analyzed. The current literature and research was reviewed and, additionally, flight instructors were asked to give their assessments via a four-part survey. The author had three main hypotheses: (1) There is general consensus among flight instructors that current flight crew licensing and training procedures can be improved – (2) A significant portion (at least 50%) of the required flight training for the MPL can be conducted on synthetic flight training devices – (3)
The initial flight training requirements for the MPL will require a significant number of flight training hours (at least 100) to be performed on an actual aircraft. The survey results supported hypotheses 1 and 3, but did not support hypothesis 2. The survey data also provided the basis for the development of a base-line flight hour requirement, for the MPL – with a total training-hour requirement of 258 to 280 training hours (with at least 144 training hours on actual aircraft). Finally, the author made several recommendations,
including assessing critically the particular tasks encompassing the MPL and for all parties involved in the MPL development to cross-feed as much information as possible.