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    True to this basic principle, the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has been committed to improving aviation safety since 1969.

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The fundamental objectives of the VC are contributing to the welfare and safety of civil aviation as well as ensuring and pursuing the interests of its members regarding technical affairs and industrial affairs.

Among other things, we achieve this by influencing legislation, concluding collective wage agreements, participating in decision-making for the composition of salary terms and other conditions of employment, informing the public about the professional, sociopolitical and economic situation of cockpit crews.

In addition to that more than 130 honorary members are involved with the establishment and provision of extensive professional expertise within the VC in line with various committees, which meet at regular intervals, to ensure the exchange of information and to deal with current topics, e.g. the SafeSKY Initiative.

VC is a member of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and the International Federation of Airline Pilots (IFALPA).


02. Jul Ryanair: Exploratory talks continue – ballot vote until the end of July

Since the negotiations with Ryanair regarding improved working and salary conditions failed, exploratory talks discussed to what extent results could still be achieved before strikes might take place. Ryanair pilots have time to cast their ballot till the end of July.  For the first time,...  Details

09. Mar VC: Ryanair Company Council for negotiations with Irish airline elected

Today, Vereinigung Cockpit concluded the election of its Ryanair Company Council. Together with a VC negotiation expert, this group consisting of five Ryanair pilots, will deal directly with Ryanair management. Their goal will be the introduction of collective labor agreements to improve the...  Details

21. Dec  Warning strike at Ryanair after unsatisfactory negotiations

On Friday, December 22, 2017, from 5:01 am to 8:59 am local time, all pilots directly employed by Ryanair will be called to strike. All flights that are planned by German airports during this period will be affected.

Warning strike at Ryanair after unsatisfactory negotiations This weeks’ negotiations for Ryanair pilots’ in Germany ended without any results. Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) will now be carrying out industrial action at Ryanair for the first time. On Friday, December 22, 2017, from 5:01 am to 8:59 am...  Details

15. Dec Ryanair: Vereinigung Cockpit is ready to negotiate

Today, Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has received word from Ryanair that its management is willing to recognize VC as the union representation for Ryanair pilots based in Germany. VC welcomes this first step. “The ball is now in Ryanairs’ court to underscore the seriousness of its proposal. As soon...  Details

12. Dec VC announces strike at Ryanair

The German Pilots Association (VC) has announced in a press conference, that from today on, strike action within Ryanair can be expected at any time. This is intended to assist Ryanair Pilots in their collective bargaining process for fair and transparent working conditions. Ryanair Management...  Details

Pilot Careers fair in Berlin

We will be there!

On September 16th, 2017 the Pilots Careers fair will take place in Berlin, for everybody who is interested in becoming an airline pilot. We, the German Pilots' Association, will be there, too. You are welcome to visit us!  Details

ECA Cockpit News

Tuesday, 10. July 2018 15:36

Pilot Unity prevails on the eve of industrial action at Ryanair

Pilot Unity prevails on the eve of industrial action at Ryanair On Tuesday 10 July 2018, the Ryanair Transnational Pilot Group (RTPG) met for the 3rd time since its establishment in March. The meeting took place in Dublin, hometown to Ryanair. Pilots demonstrated a strong will and unity across the entire network. While a ‘Master Seniority Agreement’ Press release Jul 10, 2018

Tuesday, 10. July 2018 11:22

Ryanair Pilots’ common requests to their management

Ryanair Pilots’ common requests to their management Ryanair pilots across Europe are united in their determination to engage in meaningful and genuine Social Dialogue with management on issues of common concern to those who contribute to the airline’s success on a daily basis. News article Jul 10, 2018

Monday, 09. July 2018 13:53

Pilot insight into recent maintenance works

Pilot insight into recent maintenance works ECA fully shares the concerns of AEI (Aircraft Engineers International) with regard to the practice in several EU countries that reduce the release into service by licensed engineers to a mere administrative task without any physical inspection of the work performed.  Jul 09, 2018 Pilot insight into recent maintenance works - Position Paper